About Us

StoresWiki as the name says is a wiki of stores. It’s a network of retail stores and outlets providing various kinds of services. At StoresWiki, you can start your online store at no time at all. As a store or a retail business owner, you can create your store in minutes. StoresWiki does the rest for you. It’s a cross platform next generation system which is centralized to everyone. Once you create your store, it’s available to millions of customers through mobile application and world wide web. StoresWiki provide you the facility of managing your store through separate admin panel where you can manipulate information related to products, categories, attributes, customers, deliveries and reports. It’s based on B2C (Business to Customer), B2B (Business to Business) and C2C (Consumer to Consumer) models. Your customer can visit your store either through mobile app or by World Wide Web. StoresWiki is easy, cheap, robust and user friendly. It’s an ultimate way of increasing your daily sales. It’s hassle-free, powerful and needs no technical knowledge of coding or designing. We took great care while developing such system by keeping in view the non-technical nature of business owners and their customers. StoresWiki is intelligent and fast. We designed and crafted it to excellence. By using StoresWiki, you are directly involved in catching customers as we designed the system on shared-marketing and shared-advertisement basis. Your business is advertised free of cost on other stores which directly catch customers. There are tons of other benefit we would like you to know. Please visit “Features”, “Services” and “What” sections to know more. We hope you enjoy your stay at StoresWiki.


StoresWiki is a social network of eCommerce. It is a repository of outlets, brands, shops, and businesses. StoresWiki is easy to use on all major platform i.e. Web, mobile and desktop. Its a next generation cross platform and cross devices system where users are able to make their business online in minutes that is available on web, mobile and desktop simultaneously. StoresWiki is designed on concept of Business-To-Business and Business-To-Customer collaboration. All businesses on single platform across devices and accessibility platforms means that all customers of every business, outlet and brand come to this one single point. This makes StoresWiki a hot point for marketers and advertisers to take benefit of free of cost marketing and advertising. StoresWiki's store management module is a diverse system of product management, categorization, reports, order and delivery management as well as customer tracking and management. It gives you the freedom no matter what business are you related to or what nature of product you are dealing with; StoresWiki is independent of specifications.

At StoresWiki, every business is a self managed, self driven automated business while at the same time interacting with others to shape a community of businesses. At the core of StoresWiki, investors can utilize StoresWiki intelligent reports for targeting key sectors of commerce whether virtual or physical. We, at StoresWiki, are studying anonymous data and making analytical reports that predicts about product and trending markets at global level. Every feature of a product defined is under observation for purpose of data mining.

Why Should Invest in StoresWiki?

StoresWiki has a bright future in Pakistan. Pakistan with a population of nearly 200 Million has the potential to give StoresWiki a remarkable stand up in the market of eCommerce. StoresWiki, withits cross platform and cross devices nature, is targeting a population of over 18 Million in Pakistan who has the ability and feasibility to use 3G/4G internet while 29 Million for overall internet Users. StoresWiki comprehensive order and delivery system is easy enough to be used by mobile/internet users. With an average 10-15% growth rate per month for year 2015, Pakistan's 3G/4G population has the ability to reach 50 Million by end of 2018 thus giving a tremendous opportunity for the growth of eCommerce industry as mobile devices has added much to its growth already.

We, at StoresWiki, are targeting 1000 outlets by end of 2018 with an average 1000 items per business which makes it a repository of 1 Million+ items. With its payment modes of subscription, per transaction, advertisement and marketing on mobile and web, StoresWiki has substantial opportunities for return of investment in quick successions as well as yielding profits of huge margins.

Our Features

Fast & Easy

Bringing customers on multiple platforms make it incredibly convenient for a fast sale rate, easy order & delivery mechanism and trust worthy online purchasing. Your business is in the pockets of hundreds of people via mobile technologies. It’s a phenomenon of increased sale, growing number of customers, and availability of One’s business on web and mobile technologies and free of cost marketing and advertisement.

Attribute Engine

It’s the heart of storesWiki. You can define a product with total dynamism. Total dynamism is when you create attributes, give values and attach them to products. Thus product with multiple attributes acts and display as a single unit. This singularity of view for plural attributed products is unique to storesWiki. There is no such system designed ever that has done this before.

Business in Cloud

That is correct!!! Your business is all up in cloud. No worries of data insecurities and backups. No tension of power failures. Hassle free business management without worrying for hardware resources, their performances and speeds. Web and mobile act as client to the centrally hosted application.

Customer Increase

Because of the design and engineering of application, customer/clients of one business sector can visit other freely. Every business registered through subscription is located on the same solution. Thus making it easy for customers/clients of business move easily from business to business and sector to sector.

Design as Simple as Possible

Easy to use order and delivery, friendly and beautiful apps, robust and intelligent store management, quality tracking system makes it best on any level of commerce.

Increasing Marketing & Advertising

No need to pay for costly advertisements strategies. Your business is located along other businesses on web as well as mobile. Your business is searchable as well as linked to all other businesses subscribed on the system. One’s policy is to develop a community of businesses where customers feel easy and friendly. This makes opportunities of free of cost advertisement and marketing especially for newly established business and startups.

Multi-Attribute Products / Services

We have combined hundred features of a product in a single display. As a business owner, define as many features and attributes as you can and link them to products. As a consumer or customer, visit more than hundred flavors or features of a product in a single unit. No hassle to browse related/similar products any more. One as a consumer has the right to compare products on business to business level.

Customer Information Logging

Customer information logging unit has been designed to track customer information per business basis. Each business can maintain its own customers separately. Customer info logging helps in targeted marketing specifically at certain locations.

Collaborative Reports

As a business owner, you have a large variety of reports including customers, products, orders, deliveries etc. Every report is crafted very fine so you can have precise information regarding your business.

Single Platform Multiple Features

StoresWiki is designed as features rich. It is a complete business management package. It is a fully capable store or retail business management solution targeting key modules of businesses like customer management, sale / purchase and order / delivery managements. StoresWiki incorporate fully capable subscription management system in order to register new businesses and startups. It has two front ends i.e. web based for general purpose browsers like chrome, firefox and internet explorer, plus, a mobile application. There is hardly a single diversity between the two. StoresWiki has advanced customer management system where customers tracking takes place in order to operate decision making and business intelligent technologies. There are tons of other features that one will experience upon accessing StoresWiki. So, dive in, what are one waiting for!!!

Generating Huge Customer Traffic

StoresWiki is designed keeping in mind businesses nature of local communities. Locally, retail businesses have huge traffics physically. StoresWiki is visible to physical customers at every retail business as a physical unit as well as to online customers browsing through web or mobile units which, in turns attract customers. A little marketing or advertisement can make a business customer rich in no time at all.

Applicably More Easy

We designed the system keeping in mind audience with low to medium level computer techniques as well as basic level of smart phones or hand held devices. Operational procedure has been kept as simple as possible so as to prioritize ages so that a person of any age can understand the flow of software, genders as male and female can both use it with same IQ level, literally where basic English understanding people can use it with ease.

Overall Architecture Acting as a Single Unit

No matter you are on hand held device or a web browser, you feel no difference. And that our strong point to give you a feel of home everywhere. StoresWiki is a multi-layered system operating on cloud and mobile technologies with modules like subscription, businesses management, and front portal module on web with mobile view capability and mobile module where application is integrated to the solution to provide customer facility to access businesses via mobile technology. These all layers act as a single unit.

Making Commerce More Open to Technology

Direct involvement of technology, boost your business at many parts. We’ve redesigned commerce to fit perfect in your hands. We re-ordered physical commerce by introducing StoresWiki, the physical version of application at business layer that incorporate administration, customers and product on a single platform.

Status Based Ordering & Delivery Management

Delivery has never been so fast and delicious. With status based delivery mechanism, our system remain in touch with you, delivery person and business all at once in order to coordinate delivery mechanism to efficiency. State changes at real time upon delivering or returning products. This increases the trust of one’s consumers as well as makes realize that one remember them.

Intelligent Customer Tracking System

We like what you like and love what you love. Our system calculate your orders, logs your product visiting history, handle your purchases, notify through mobile phones about delivery statuses from time to time. That’s all because we care.

No More Products / Services Scatterings

Products and services are out there but they are scattered due to their variety and per business existence. Every business sells their products & delivers their services according to their own business policies. And that is why all these products and services have become un-identifiable and trackless. Most of customer shift to choose randomly when a product or services is not available or is available but not identifiable or searchable. StoresWiki terminate above problems by categorizing products into categories and categories into businesses and businesses into sectors. StoresWiki take one to the right place when it’s needed. Instead of browsing tons of garbage data, StoresWiki makes sure one got what one’s needed in split of second.

Hosted & Integrated along Physical & Virtual Paths

As an owner of a business, system operate on multiple platforms visible to you as a single unit. Physical part of system is integrated with your online business front so that your customer see physical and virtual store alike. As a customer, one see the same store either web, a hand held device or present on a physical store. Yet the power of system is that one has hundreds of online stores with thousands of products on the tip of one’s fingers.

Architecture of Solution Hosted in Cloud

With air blazing fast servers, you don’t need to worry about connectivity and speed. Our solution and its complete architecture is hosted in cloud with enormous amount of memory and processing power.

Achieve Accessibility Independency Via Web, Desktop & Mobile Platforms

As far as modern day applications are concerned, their success is all about their accessibility through multiple platforms. As screens are getting smaller & bandwidth wider, we targeted web and mobile platforms at first. One’s motive is to keep these platforms as far as StoresWiki gets mature. One will work on desktop technologies in future. Mobile platform is android at moment and one will be launching iOS, Windows and blackberry soon.

Our services

Collective Repository

Whether you are searching for pizza house or friends gather at a coffee shop, our system is with you. It’s a dictionary of business. You need to find the page and word, StoresWiki do the rest for you. No need to search online stores any more. They are in one’s pocket already.

Solution for Retail Businesses

StoresWiki is best for retail businesses whether it be a small store or a big shopping mall, whether it be a bakery or a fast food restaurants, hotels, cosmetics, toys, stationers, car dealers, electric stores almost any kind of business may fit in StoresWiki. One’s just name it!!!

Searchable & Comparable Products

Depending upon the availability of products, your search for a product can land in several businesses at a time. Beyond that, you choose what you like and afford. StoresWiki gives the freedom of comparison whether one compare products online or physically at businesses. Comparison log is kept at one’s side so that one can know how much money one saved while comparing certain products at stores and going for the affordable ones.

Opportunity for Secure Investment

As investor, you must analyze risks while investing money. StoresWiki due its analytical nature, draw hundreds of reports based on data collected that include data related to locations, products, attributes customers order and delivery and sales. On the basis of this data one draw statistical conclusion using algorithms to identify what products are successful at what location or how many people purchased certain product with certain attributes. There can be many questions of such types that StoresWiki answer. Based on these answers, we assure investors of having safe investments either they are investing in products or businesses.

Online & Physical Commerce

We are available at both sides of your business. When it comes to online existence, we make it possible by interfacing your business to the world wide web in a simple yet powerful way. Same is the case with your business physical counterpart. Story remains the same, chapter changes, physically; one is at one’s business linking all with one’s customers’ employees and products together.

Software as a Service [SAAS]

Our application is designed based on SaaS, software as a service which is software licensing model. That mean, you can choose the package/plain of your choice and subscribe for a business in few possible steps before flying one’s ship of business. Subscription is a five step process.

Efficient Management of Online Commerce

We provide simplest online business management where you can see your products clearly. Product management has been engineered to simplicity, elegance and perfection. You can now visit minor details of product. Customer management is simple as drinking water. Order and delivery has been put into few simple steps in order for customers to concentrate on products purchases rather than interactivity issues.

Effective Order & Delivery Management

Multi-platform ordering system make it possible for your customer to order products with ease and friendliness. Mobile app make it extremely easy to order from your favorite stores in town. Order and delivery has been streamlined to fit perfect in busy retail stores and super malls. Keep delivering!!!

Providing Infinite Services Based upon Hundreds of Types of Retail Businesses

StoresWiki is adjustable. We have abstracted it to highest level so it can fit in almost every kind of business out there in market. StoresWiki can be used in small to medium to large level stores and shopping malls, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels, car dealers, general stores, cosmetic shops, shoe points, cloth houses, grocery units, marts and many more.

Interface / Bridge Between Products & Consumers

StoresWiki is a bridge between your customers and products. This bridge is either physical or virtual. Physically, StoresWiki is a centralized computer system visible to general public as well as accessible to physical customers just like its online counterpart. As source is same, both physical and virtual StoresWiki work the same. Physical system can be used at retail businesses for ordering, searching products, displaying products to customer and bring around awareness to the customers of that business that this business has the following system which customers can use online as well as physically present at retail businesses.

What We Do

New Ways of Online Commerce

For the first time online commerce, customers are able to choose features and gather them to make a product of their choice depending upon the availability of that product at certain businesses. We designed product display as a singleunit where customer can choose with fingertips among hundreds of variations of that product. Product display remains same on both web and mobile platforms.

Business Intelligence Aspects

We consult investors where to invest as our system gathers information from various operations included among customers, businesses, products or services, sales, locations, genders, companies, brands, ages of people, high and low cycle of products. One may draw opportunities for people from people. One makes location, product/service, behavior based decision making easy.

Cheap Advertisement / Marketing

Yes, you heard it correct!!! Advertisement and marketing is cheap in rates. Our procedure of advertisement is different. We advertise businesses as all business are linked to a single source thus all businesses and their respective customer see what is attached to the source. Every business body is a mirror reflecting all other businesses through a joint network of marketing and advertisement. It is an effort of mutual advertisement strategies where one business takes the advantage of second business fame and sales rate. This is specially designed for new startups and businesses so one may walk in less time of their market exposure.

Innovation in Commerce Sector

Things moving fast as World has become a technology hub. Gone are the days of manual operations. Innovation is the key for anything’s growth. Commerce sector growth is in new ideas. The more these ideas take physical shape, the more will business grow and flourish. One noticed it, one has done it. Innovation is everything for one.

Online Presence with Centralized Solution

With your business hosted in cloud, mobile technology act as client to your business as well as all the business subscribed on the solution. Single mobile app can access all the businesses subscribed thus yielding free of cost advertisement. With web technology, one’s business has a front part where all one’s products/services are displayed. One has a single business, located centrally while accessed by multiple clients using different platforms.

Creation of Accounts Based on Subscription

You know your business better. Choose a subscription from more than four different types of subscriptions we provide. Every subscription is for fixed duration of time and features. You can also request a subscription of your choice.

Comparison of Products on Physical & Virtual Grounds

Virtually, you buy what like and afford it. You compare same product with different store’s product on various conditions. Physically, a customer can check your product at stores and compare it to other stores.

Easy Identification of Location of Businesses

No need to worry about places addresses and contact information. StoresWiki search engine is powerful. It can search stores, products and even attributes of products. Type a few characters and StoresWiki bring out information in seconds. Every store in town is in one’s pocket now.

Reshaping Mechanism of Searching Online & Physical Businesses

Search engines are powerful but throw data in enormously large amounts. Non-Technical person would feel himself lost in such amount of information of data. StoresWiki simplifies things. StoresWiki searches data quickly and simplifies that data in formats of stores/outlets/businesses, products and features. As a person, purchasing something online one would desire to search for that specific product, there is no need to visit tons of tons of links and stores for the same. StoresWiki identifies what store contains the product at time of search.

Business Intelligent Nature of Online Commerce

Today’s online commerce is scattered as every business is hosted separate with separate business logic and technical operational procedures. Accessibility is another hurdle as there are thousands of businesses of which many are unknown to common man. Business intelligence can work where data is in variety, fruitful and coming from different sources with intensity and large flow. Unfortunately, today, today’s modern commerce is impossible to put under business intelligence procedures. StoresWiki is designed keeping in front above thoughts and crafted to generate data that is useful for business intelligence and decision making procedures. StoresWiki believe in single source businesses thus eliminating accessibility problems and all businesses are on single platform.

Automation of Online & Physical Commerce

We keep everything simple by organizing key modules of a typical business such as order and delivery mechanism, customer and product management. We promise a 360 degree business automation at multiple platforms.

Location Tracking Through Business Intelligence on Data Collected

StoresWiki keep track of locations of consumers/customers so as to assume which product can groom where and what are people’s interest in certain places. This can predict future of a product especially new product when introduced with its old alternative of a specific region. Moreover locations tracking can predict what kind of business would be successful at what location.

Generating Further Business Opportunities

Business opportunity can be of any type. It can be introduction of a new startup, a new feature of a product, a new product or a small business at some location. This all has been made possible by predicting and prediction is only possible when one has statistical proof and analytically profound material. Thanks to StoresWiki!!!

Bring Store, Admin, Customers all on Single Platform just like Real Retail Store

One took the idea from real retail stores by visiting them practically. We collected how real retail businesses work. Understood their flow, after thorough study and research, we put all work in software. In StoresWiki, just like real stores and retail units’ work, customers, products, administration all work under on roof.

Location Based Decision Making

One of the best feature of StoresWiki is its ability of prediction of products and businesses. While consulting investors, StoresWiki can give great help regarding location based decisions. It can predict whether or not certain product or business run depending upon assuming certain aspects of similar products at that locations. It is a great tool for investors especially when they want to invest.

How It Works

Register / Subscribe

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  • Unlimited Products Upload
  • 10 Different Themes
  • 5 Days of Training(On spot / Remote)
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  • 20000 Products Upload
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  • 3000 Pkr for Management of Store/Hour
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  • Unlimited Products Upload
  • 10 Different Themes
  • 20 Days of Training(On spot / Remote)
  • 3000 Pkr for Management of Store/Hour
  • Free Maintenance


Known Attributes
Attributes Values

Terms and Conditions

StoresWiki (“StoresWiki” or “Stores Wiki”) is SaaS based software application mainly operating online on World Wide Web and Android platform. It is owned and controlled by “StoresWiki”, a company located in Peshawar and registered with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology and Pakistan Software Export boards. This application/software is provided to you as a merchant / retailer / business owner under agreement. StoresWiki reserves the right to change, modify, delete or add part or whole agreement at any time. All merchants will receive detailed notices accordingly.

Before accepting this agreement, it is warranted that merchant / retailer / business owner is above 18 years of age and is recognized by his/her government through proper citizenship. It is also warranted that merchants agree to provide names, national identifications, addresses, email addresses, contact number and any other information required for registration and usage of this software. In case of false or incomplete information, StoresWiki reserve the right to suspend operations or terminate agreement without notifying merchant. StoresWiki also reserve the right to cancel any or all subscription applies without notifying any or all applicants.

StoresWiki is an online application provided in two forms i.e. Web Portal with a front portal of business and a control panel for controlling front portal and Mobile application. StoresWiki is designed from scratch to ground up. No third party or open source “Software as a whole” or “Software as a part” is used in StoresWiki. The software is designed keeping in mind modern day screen sizing and bandwidths which means its template is responsive and adjusts to different screen sizes. By default there is only one template provided to merchants. Order and delivery internal mechanism is linked to emails and SMS communication. It is sole responsibility of merchant to arrange a valid email address. For SMS communication to its clients, merchant will have to pay extra charges as per package selected. Order and Delivery external mechanism is sole responsibility of merchant, more specifically, merchant have to arrange his/her own transport or delivery vehicles. StoresWiki is provided as a SaaS(Software as a services) application. Merchants or any other business owner where they are clients to StoresWiki does not have the ownership / proprietorship of the portal or mobile application. Source code or technical documentations will not be provided to any client in any form available.

STORESWIKI as SaaS (Software as a Service)
StoresWiki is a licensed/subscription based system where clients can subscribe a package of their choice. A form of business registration is filled at time of subscription by merchants. A separate website is provided in the form of a sub-domain for every merchant for example http://www.stores.wiki/yourbusinessname as well as a control panel is given as http://www.stores.wiki/admin by allotting credentials specific to certain merchant. By doing so, you don’t need to have a separate domain for your business portal. Domain specific installation is not supported at present and will be provided in future.

Platform usage policy is strictly applied to all merchants. StoresWiki team keep a strict check on merchant’s, customers, products and ordering mechanism of platform. Conflicting issues like religious dialogue, political debates, pornography, human racial imagery, geographical sensitive products/items, human rights violation containing content will be deleted and account terminated while notifying merchant with sound proof of such action.

Merchants are responsible for content writing on their own. Content include business information, categorization, products/items, variables, imagery and other enterable content is sole responsibility of merchants. StoresWiki team does not provide content writing and entry in any form.

StoresWiki team will provide onsite / remote training free of cost for three(3) consecutive working days upto six(6) hours depending upon demand of merchant for selection of days as a whole or by parts. After this time, merchant is liable to pay for expenses incurred including travel, eatery, communication, stay and a basic charges of rupees 1000 per day including six(6) hours session.

StoresWiki team guaranty 100% bug free software application. In case any bug found, StoresWiki team will provide free of cost support in local premises, more specifically Peshawar, Pakistan. For remote clients, our team will provide support online until issue is resolved. It is necessary to mention here that bug is unsuccessful or faulty operation of a current system unit or part. Demand of extra feature or functionality is not a bug and is not supported by StoresWiki.

Future updates are free for subscribed customers including payment procedures integrations whether national or international, extra feature update or an upgrade of present unit of operation and policies like free of cost marketing and advertisement. Other services like SMS integration is payable by client / merchant.

StoresWiki’s team has potential focus on internal marketing strategies for merchants subscribed in the system, and will offer it free of cost once functional. Furthermore, SEO is not supported at this time but will be offered free of cost to all merchants once developed.


StoresWiki is a copyrighted software registered with registrar of copyrights intellectual property organization government of Pakistan. It is necessary to mention that StoresWiki does not allow grant of software code to any of its client in any form. Merchants and clients are not allowed to copy any material specific to the schema, architecture and technical details of operating parts, pages, content or material in printed, electronic or physical shapes. StoresWiki does not allow its clients to use their pages from servers other than controlled and maintained by team StoresWiki. Doing so will result of agreement termination and penalty imposed by government of Pakistan accordingly. StoresWiki is provided “AS IS” without any kind of local/International warranty of any duration. StoresWiki disclaims any kind of warranty either claimed deliberately, intentionally or unintentionally including but not limited to merchants, business owners, retailers, or any other active user of storesWiki. StoresWiki does not assure the fitness of software including its version for specific customer(s) and/or software user(s). StoresWiki shall not be responsible/liable to any potential user of StoresWiki for any damage/lose encored either directly, indirectly, accidental, incidental, consequential or any other special damages including but not limited to data loss, injury, hardware malfunctions through StoresWiki. StoresWiki does not warranty the functionality of licensed StoresWiki to be according to customer requirements as it’s a software designed upon global perspective of e-commerce. StoresWiki does not warranty error free code or that errors including in software can be corrected. Furthermore, StoresWiki does not warranty or make any representation including graphical, diagrammatical and textual regarding the user or the result of the use of licensed StoresWiki software. StoresWiki does not warranty any documentation in terms of correctness of mentioned software or its working procedures, accuracy and reliability. StoresWiki does not accept any claim made regarding oral or written informational advise that could create a warranty for the said software. In case of defects or problems after licensed software has been issued, you and only you shall assume the entire cost related to software along with associated services, repair including but not limited to bugs tracking, maintenance and updates.

StoresWiki team believe to have done their best to bring all required features related to current modern day business architecture. We tried our best to fulfill the needs and requirements of merchant but this does not make us responsible to fulfill each and every requirement of merchant as this software is based on a global perspective.


StoresWiki’s policy about requirement chain contain no support for changes in software at any part for any merchant. StoresWiki is a centralized system whose main aim is to build a community of retail businesses, merchants, store keepers, business owners and their clients. Requirement change for a specific part of software or software itself is not supported. StoresWiki will not entertain any requirement change either in part, module or software itself by any merchant or client.


This agreement acknowledges that licenses are checked once per month per subscription. In case of license, you and only you are responsible to renew subscription before expiry. StoresWiki may send software subscription renewal reminders but not liable to do so in any case. StoresWiki will cease working once subscription time period is over. You are not authorized to copy, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or transfer this software including but not limited to the software as a whole or a set of features or functionalities per sub set. Depending upon subscriptions, software will exist until expiry. Software will terminate automatically and cease working once expiry of subscription occur. The said time, all services and functionalities shall be provoked. Using this software acknowledge that you accept terms and conditions. If you do not agree with terms of this license agreement, you must uninstall this software and destroy/delete any parts remaining in hardware or devices.

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